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Latest Sales Information – Blackburn Area

Sales for the Jan – March quarter were steady and consistent for this area.

Blackburn saw the house sales particularly as family homes and high prices were
achieved for renovated family homes in this fantastic location and saw an average
price of home sales at $1,890,000.
Units and apartments were steady with an average price of $747,000 achieved.

Blackburn North – saw similar prices with units selling at an average of $713,000.
The home sales were more potential development sites and averaged $1,017,000.

Blackburn South – Small number of units sold with an average of $825,000 for a
renovated unit and house sales also mainly potential development sites
sold at an average price of $1,017,000

We hope you find this information interesting and will keep you up to date on the
sales trends for the area. Please see attached detailed information.

Peter Schenck
Ray White Blackburn