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There must be something wonderful about Vermont because people keep coming back to it! Many of those who grew up in the area have moved away, then have chosen to return when it was time for them to settle and have families of their own. Located 21 km east of Melbourne’s CBD, Vermont’s Local Government Area is primarily within the City of Whitehorse.

Vermont features some fantastic schools, and many families move to the area so their children can enrol at Vermont Secondary College, one of the top rating government secondary colleges in Victoria as measured by Equivalent National Tertiary Entrance Rank (ENTER) scores. The college offers a VET (Vocational Education and Training) program as well as Enrichment and Accelerated Learning opportunities. Younger families can choose between St James Catholic School, St Timothy’s Catholic Primary School, Vermont Primary School & Preschool, and Eastmont Preschool.

Vermont also features lovely parks and reserves for recreation. Together Abbey Walk and Campbells Croft are approximately 14 hectares of bushland and open space. Abbey Walk offers open space for play, and a bridge from which children can enjoy watching ducks paddling in the creek below. The meadow region of Campbells Croft features Elms, Poplars & Oak trees, while other sections are thickly vegetated with a large variety of both native and exotic plants.
Bellbird Dell is a 17.5 hectare reserve extending 1.4km in Vermont, and consists of open space, shared trails, feature ponds, picnic facilities and playgrounds, all within a natural bushland setting. Bukanbe Park is another much-loved bushland reserve.

Vermont has a very strong sporting presence. There is the Vermont Cricket Club, and the suburb also has its own football team, The Vermont Eagles. There are many junior teams active throughout the area. The Vermont Community Centre features: courses and activities, meeting rooms, and a community garden.

From Vermont, trips to the city are a breeze thanks to Eastlink & easy access to trains (Heatherdale and Mitcham). The area is well-serviced with buses, particularly Route 742 Eastland to Chadstone offering convenience for residents of all ages as it travels to Monash University, several shopping centres, schools and train stations. There is also Route 738 Mitcham to Knox travelling to Mitcham Station, Knox City Shopping Centre, and Knox Ozone (comprising Hoyts Cinemas and a variety of restaurants).